Elliott O'Donnell's The Phantoms of Berkeley Square

Who was Elliott O'Donnell?

Often, in other literature about his life, it is oftenquoted that Elliott O'Donnell was born in Ireland, but in fact he was born on the 27th February 1872 in Clifton, Bristol, the son of an Irish Reverend, Henry O'Donnell, and Englishwoman, Elizabeth Mousley. He would always claim that he was descended from the ancient Irish chieftains, specifically Niall of the Nine Hostages, who was said to be Irelands 'King Arthur' and 'Red Hugh' an apparent fierce warrior who fought the English in the 16th Century.

As a reknowned author, specialising in books about ghosts, he claimed to have seen a ghost, often described as an elemental figure covered in spots when he was only 5 years of age, and had been strangled my a mysterious phantasm in Dublin.

Often cloaked in controversy, and never far away from the threat of troubled ghosts, he became the first 'celebrity' ghost hunter. But, because of the infamous 'Most Haunted House in England' case study of Borley Rectory, Elliott faded into the distance with the new wave of ghosthunters such as Harry Price, who investigated, and wrote exclusively about the aforementioned. Never the less, Elliott went on to investigate thousands of haunted houses, and was successful in his own right. He passed away on the 8th May 1965, at the Grosvenor Nursing Home at Clevedon, North Somerset, a releative stones throw from his birthplace, aged 93.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that coming this Autumn is my very latest experiment in contacting Elliott O'Donnell, through the veil. I am pleased to offer a performance of Elliott O'Donnell's 'The Phantoms of Berkely Square Seance'. Please come back and look out for the dates, times and locations.

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